Sharp shooter

If you like to play dice games, you might be interested in learning how to play the game Sharp Shooter. The concept is quite simple. In order to win, you must roll all three standard dice. If all three come out in the same value, you win! If you win on the first roll, you will receive an 8/1 payout. If you win on the second roll, you will receive a 7/5 payout. If you lose on the final roll, you will receive a 1/2 payout.

In Sharp Shooter, you can set your preferred stake. You can choose the stake from a minimum of 0.10 and a maximum of 200. To play, you will need to click the roll button on the table. You will have a certain time limit, in which to throw the dice. After that, the system will automatically throw the dice for you. Alternatively, you can select a higher stake and play the game for real money.

The game plays with dice and offers several different strategies. First of all, you can use a double-bet to increase the winnings. Once you have a double-bet, you will only need two dice to win. Then, you should bet as if you were at a live casino! You'll need to bet more money than you have. The higher your stake, the bigger the payout you will receive.